I survived the weekend with Bella!

She is doing so good! She is actually sleeping through the night (Yeah!). For the last couple of days she pretty much zonks out for the night around 7-8 p.m. and doesn’t awaken until about 5 a.m. It still makes it an early morning for me, but at least I get a night of sleep without interruption! She also does not yelp so much when she gets put in her crate. She still whines a bit but it doesn’t take long for her to settle down.

Bella’s potty training is progressing. She still has had several “accidents” in the house (which is to be expected). But her progress has been wonderful! I’ll be happy once she is fully trained!!! 😉

Her and Domino are also warming up to each other. She still is a bit afraid of his bark and Domino sometimes gets a bit rambunctious, but overall they are becoming buddies. Domino loves to steal her toys just to bug her. Amazing how all of a sudden Domino’s old toys have become an interest once again to him!

I took Bella and Domino over for a play date to Kelly’s this weekend not only to help socialize Bella, but also introduce her to her future buddies. It was quite fun watching them all get acquainted with the new “little” one. It didn’t take Bella long to “jump” right in and start having fun! I believe Jazz has found his “new” girlfriend. And Katie was a bit jealous as Bella stole her “favorite” green bone. But Katie was very good and let Bella “share” the bone for a while. By Sunday, Bella was one of the gang! She was right in there pulling on all the dogs ears and jumping all over them. What fun!!!

I have posted some more pictures of the dogs on my Flickr account. You can visit the site by clicking on the Flickr pictures in the navigation bar or you can click on the following link.