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Seth MacFarlane, creator and executive producer of “Family Guy”, recently signed a $100 million production deal in the spring.

Family Guy is Fox’s top-rated prime-time ‘toon (even more popular than “The Simpsons”) is here to stay for another season.  MacFarlane is also working on a spin-off series called “Cleveland” and is the creator of the Fox ‘toon “American Dad”.

So, Stewie and Brian fans, look forward to some more great episodes of “Family Guy”!  It should be goooood!  I know I’ll look forward to watching!


DWA – Domino Web Access you ask??? Well, not quite….more like Driving While Asian!

My son Brandon was telling me about an episode on Family Guy that he thought was hilarious because it was making light of the stereotypical woman Asian driver. I hadn’t seen it so I thought I would look it up on Youtube. We came across this clip (see below) and just died laughing! Now Bruce likes to tease me and says that the clip was made for/about me.

I’d like to think that I am not THAT bad of a driver, although I can vouch that I am not “Speed Racer” and tend to drive on the cautious side. At any rate, I think it is a cute depiction and need to down load the full episode so I can watch it.


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