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Ever since they were babies, my sister knew that her twins were meant to be in the water!  Watching them dunk their heads in the bath tub while bathing and loving it, my sister decided to get them into swim lessons at an early age.  At the age of 4, both (fraternal) twins, Kelsey and Katelyn we deep into swim lessons.  From then on, it was history!!

Just this past month, the Worland Senior High School 3A (the same school I graduated from) swim team went to State.  Below is the YouTube clip of their meet.  The team is in the 3rd lane (the lane with the pink capped girl who swam last).  The order of swimmers are:  Carly, Katelyn, Kelsey and Michelle.  The team took 3rd in this event out of 6 teams (1st: Lander, 3:45.43 (state record!) 2nd: Jackson, 3:48.54 3rd: Worland, 3:57.31 4th: Powell, 3:59.09 5th: Sublette, 4:01.79 6th: Buffalo, 4:07.06)

To put it into perspective, there were only twelve girls on Worland’s swim team.  At the conference meet, eight of those twelve qualified for State.  Of the eight, four made All State. ( Katelyn, Kelsey, Carly, and Michelle.)  They were beat by Jackson and Lander both with over forty girls and by Buffalo that has over thirty-five girls.  Worland beat nine other teams of which Powell and Cody has over 25 girls on their teams.  The 4th place finish is the highest that any Worland Girls team has ever finished.  Of the eight that qualified for State, there is only one Senior.  So, when you look at how well the WSHS did overall compared to the rest of the state, they did very well!

Kelsey and Katelyn have been swimming with the WSHS swim team for 3 years (they are Juniors) and have progressively improved over the years.  They are strong competitors and talented individuals (both excel in school, are also great bowlers and artists).  Next year will be their last year competing on the team, but I hope that someone will see these two talented individuals and get them scholarships to swim at their college.  Katelyn’s strongest events are the 200 and 500 free style and Kelsey’s strongest events are the 100 fly and 100 back stroke events.

Congratulations Kelsey and Katelyn!  I have been to one of your swim meets in the past and have enjoyed watching both of you compete!  I know that you will continue to excel!  I hope that one day I will get to see you swim competitively again!  Keep up the good work!  Your aunt is very proud of you both!

Katelyn and Kelsey

Katelyn and Kelsey

I just returned from visiting my mom, dad and sister (and my nieces) this last week.  My mom is doing extremely well since her accident earlier this year and from being released from the rehab center.  She is still using a walker, but she seems to be able to walk small distances without it.  She also has regained some of her weight (4 lbs) and now is a whopping 88 lbs. (now you know where I get my stature!)  She still struggles to keep her blood glucose in control, but I think that happens with a lot of diabetics.  At any rate, it was great to see her again.

On Saturday my nieces had a swim meet in Cody, WY (an invitational).  This was the first time that I have seen the twins (fraternal twins) swim.  I have heard a lot about how good they are and how they beat and lot of records.  Well, I had the pleasure of seeing them compete in person and I was not disappointed.  Both girls did very well and placed anywhere from 2nd place to 4th place. I was definitely a proud aunt!!  And both girls have qualified for State in some events.  Maybe one day they will be the next Michael Phelps!!!


Not only are my nieces great swimmers, but they are also great bowlers and artists.  When my mom came home from the rehab center, the twins decided they wanted to create a banner for her to see when she came home.  Below is a picture of what they drew.  The Japanese writing on the banner states, “Welcome Home”.  They searched and searched the Internet on how to write the saying in Japanese and finally found one.  The real test was whether or not they did a good enough job of duplicating the quote for my mom to read.  They did an excellent job of it as my mom was able to read it clearly.  Boy, was my mom ever surprised and pleased!!

Because my nieces did so well in drawing the banner, my sister had it framed and will hang it in my mom’s house.  What a memento!

Welcome Home Banner

Welcome Home Banner

So, as you can see, I am pretty proud of my nieces.  They are truly very talented individuals.  Their artistic talents are unbelievable (you should see some of their other pieces of work) and I would not doubt it if they get a scholarship somewhere for their talents.

So great job Katelyn and Kelsey!  Your mom and dad should be very proud!

On another note, I wanted to mention that I had forgotten about how much wildlife is in and around Wyoming.  On our way to Cody, I saw wild horses, wild turkeys, antelope and some deer (both bucks and does).  We even had to stop as a buck jumped out on the highway right in front of us!  Oh yeah, I even saw a golden eagle!  Pretty awesome!

Mariel Zagunis won the gold medal in the women’s sabre this Saturday. Mariel is an Oregon native and is a highly decorated athlete. Read about some of her accomplishments here.

I prefer watching the Summer Olympics over the Winter Olympics. There are more events that interest me in the summer games than the winter games. Of course, my favorite even to watch is women’s gymnastics. I watched the preliminaries last night. Shawn Johnson is probably one of my favorites although Nastia Liukin is also fun to watch. Its pretty funny, no matter how long I have been out of the sport myself, I still get sweaty palms watching the competitions. I really miss the sport, but I know my body doesn’t!!!

Other events that I enjoy watching is men’s swimming as well as the diving competitions.

What are your favorite events to watch during the Summer Olympics?


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