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There are tons of weight loss diets, strategies, programs, etc. out there that people swear by.  Some are good, some are bad, some are effective, some are not.  Here is a list of weight loss tips that are very different from what you would normally hear from your typical diet guru.  Take a look and see what you think:

1.  Stick to measuring tape

2. Choose soup

3.  Learn from former smokers

4.  Address your mental state

5.  Add to your repertoire

6.  Choose foods that take time

7.  Retrain your taste buds

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What food/dessert calls out to you most? Especially during those times when you know you “shouldn’t” be eating it?! One that just continues to call out your name over and over again when you see it?

Everyone loves a good meal and a satisfying dessert. So, what is my food weakness? I’d have to say my #1 dessert weakness is a good warm brownie. It doesn’t have to be smothered in anything or be decadent…it just has to be gooey and good! Mmmmmmmmm….

As far as food…that’s a tough one. There are many foods that I like. Some good king crab legs smothered in drawn butter. Or maybe some good Italian pasta with lots of garlic and wine sauce…or possibly a good tenderloin fillet grilled to perfection….ahhhh so many choices…

So what food/dessert is calling you today?

I wouldn’t consider myself a health nut, but I do consider myself someone that is concerned about one’s health and am always looking at different nutritional and medicinal theories out there. (whether it is homeopathic, naturopathic, modern medicine, etc.)

Over the past few years, there has been a surge of discussions regarding the benefits of soy. With that has also come the controversy about the dangers of soy.

With an Asian upbringing, I have eaten soy in some form or another all my life. It was part of the mainstay of our diets. I’ve always enjoyed the taste of it and sometimes preferred it over any other source of protein. Edaname is one of my favorite snacks (even preferred over nuts) and I love tofu in my dishes. Unfortunately, I don’t eat much of it in my daily diet today as I have sadly gotten away from the traditional Japanese dishes. (I definitely need to start back up!)

I do, however, have my daily chai tea with soy milk. Partly because I am semi lactose intolerant (depending on the combination of the drink – i.e. – protein drinks kill me!) and because I like the taste of it versus plain old milk.

When my children were born and were put on formula, I quickly realized that as babies they were lactose intolerant (very common in Asians) and had to be put on soy formula. Today, they are no longer lactose intolerant and can eat/drink dairy as they please. However, I think as they grow older, (as I am finding with myself) their systems will change and dairy will become once again a possible problem to ingest.

With all the controversy about whether or not soy is good for you, it is hard to know for sure who/what to believe. All I know is that I have consumed soy in one form or another all my life and I have yet to experience any issues associated with it.

I guess as it is with anything, everything is in moderation. Too much or too little of one thing is never good. Balance is the key to a good life, regardless if it is with respect to food, diet, drink (heaven forbid!) or physical activity. It’s something that I truly believe in and try to live my life by it. (although not always successful!)


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