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This is always a difficult question to resolve, especially during these hard economic times.  Natural instincts tell you to respond from emotion rather than from logic.

As I mentioned in a prior blog post, I have subscribed to a site called Investopedia.  They come out with some interesting articles specific to investing and finance.  Some of the articles are basic Finance/Investment 101 stuff, but others are geared at a higher level and are very educational.  Every day they send a “definition of the day”, which I find very informational and have learned a few terms that I didn’t know in the past or I had heard of the term but didn’t know quite what it meant.

The article posted for today is geared toward the basic question that every one comes across one time or another, and that is, should you invest or reduce debt.  Click on the article and learn more…I sure did….


So what is your investment strategy based on today’s economy?

Per the poll here are the results of what America is voting to do:

1. What is your current investment strategy?

Looking for safety 26%
Holding steady 55%
Buying stocks 19%


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