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This weekend was Homecoming for my daughter.  She did not get asked out this year, but this did not prevent her from going.   Her and her group of girlfriends went and had a blast.  This year, the high school opted not to have a formal or semi-formal dance.  The theme of their dance was, “Bright Nights, Neon Lights”.  So in honor of their theme, the girls wore color “neon” clothes with matching necklaces and make up.  They actually looked pretty cool.  I am still waiting for some pictures from my daughter so I can post.

With October being the time for Homecoming around the nation, my sister’s son also had his Homecoming dance a few weeks ago.  He was elected into their Homecoming court.  I thought that was pretty cool.  I think he was a bit embarrassed about being elected, but I am sure that he enjoyed it anyway!

Adam - Homecoming Court

Adam - Homecoming Court


Here is a video of some of the girls dancing to Thriller when we attended Erin’s dance recital last Saturday. Erin is not in this one, but I thought the girls did an excellent job!

Hope you like it!

Erin has been taking dance lessons for the last few months and Saturday was their dance recital. Here is a clip of their dance routine. Erin is on the far right of the stage at the beginning of the video.

Great job Erin!


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