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Mary Ujifusa

Mary Ujifusa

One year ago today, my grandmother passed away.  Today I am posting this blog in remembrance of such a wonderful woman, mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

You are dearly missed grandma.  May you rest in peace.


Yesterday, I twittered that I had done a search on my maiden name “Ujifusa” on Facebook and came across a lot of people with the same last name that I don’t even know.

There was one individual that lives in Portland, OR so I decided that I would email him via Facebook and ask him a few questions.  He wrote back with some very interesting information.  I found out that his grandfather lived in the same town that I grew up in.  I didn’t recognize his grandfather’s name so I have emailed my dad to see if he knew of him.  It’s just way too coincidental that we share the same last name and that we have relatives that live in the same town as I grew up in.  I have to assume that he is a relative of mine in some sort of way.  If so, that is so cool!

I counted the number of “Ujifusa’s” in Facebook and I came across 15 names (not including the one in Portland).

What a small world it is indeed.  And what a great example of social networking working at its best!!!


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