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Brandon is now officially at college. We dropped him off at WSU Pullman yesterday, got him unpacked and settled into his new home for the next year. The campus is very pretty and has LOTS of hills! The dorm was the basic dorm that you see at all campus’. It brought back lots of memories for me when I went to college. Some things are the same and some things are different. I am very excited for him as I think he will do a lot of growing up there. I am sure I will see a different person when he comes home next.

His friend Tyler is going there too and is in the same dorm as Brandon. We met Tyler and his dad there and took them to lunch (their last real meal!) once we got the boys settled into their rooms. After that, it was adios amigos. The farewells weren’t as emotional as I thought it was going to be. I think it mainly had to do with the fact that his friend was there when we said our farewells. It’s just way too uncool to blubber in front of your friend when you say good bye to your mom! As for me, I didn’t cry, but definitely felt “empty” as he walked away from us with his friend. I don’t think it has quite hit me yet. Give me a few days and I think it will settle in. And then I am sure that the tears will come in my own private moments.

It’s weird to be an “almost” empty nester. One gone, and two more to go over the next 3 years before it is official.

Right now the feelings I have are melancholy mixed with excitement and nervousness. You wouldn’t think you would be able to feel all those emotions at once, but believe me, it is possible! I am saddened that he is gone, but excited for his new future and nervous on how he will do and acclimate. Silly emotions you may think, but real none the less.

Brandon, if you happen to be reading this, we all wish you the best of success! We know you will do well and we are VERY proud of you. Go Cougars!!!

Oh…totally on another note….our “other” kids (canine in flavor)….well, they stayed with Aunt Kelly and Uncle Brian while we were gone. Needless to say, they weren’t as well behaved as my son was! Let just say, Aunt Kelly has one less hanger that Bella chewed up after she escaped from her crate, as well as one very well gnawed on soap that Domino decided to eat! Thankfully, there has been no residual affects from that fiasco! No Lawrence Welk moments in other words!!! Oh, and yes, let’s not forget Bella barfing on Kelly and Brian in bed! I think they are worse than taking care of infants and two year olds!! But we love them anyway…right?! 😉


Tomorrow we drive my son Brandon to college who is attending Washington State University – Pullman. I knew that this day would eventually come, but its hard to believe its here so soon! The drive is about 6 hours from here so we are going to spend tomorrow traveling and Wednesday moving into the dorms. After that, its so long, study hard, and have a great time! I am going to try real hard not to cry, but I have a feeling that I won’t be too successful!

Brandon will be studying bio-engineering, which I understand is one of the hardest engineering curriculum’s that WSU has to offer in the school of engineering. I know he will do well as he likes math and science. But whatever he decides to do, I will support him 100%. I know he will be successful.

So, over the next couple of days, I will be taking a short hiatus from blogging. I will post more when I return.

Good luck Brandon! We are so very proud of you! You will do great things in life!!!

Morgan, Brandon and Erin

Morgan, Brandon and Erin

Brandon got back last night from attending the Alive! Summer Orientation at Washington State University – Pullman.

Honestly, I thought he was going to come home telling me how boring it was and how much of a waste of time it was (most of the orientation was lectures/seminars/placement tests/registration, etc.) for him to go. To my surprise, he was VERY excited about having gone to the orientation and and couldn’t say enough about how “neat/cool” the campus was. He has signed up for his classes and has his schedule set for next month. He will be majoring in biotechnology/engineering. As I understand this major is one of the more difficult majors on campus. I know he will do well as he really is interested in this kind of stuff. I think he has a total of 17 credits for the semester.

Next step is to buy all the stuff he needs for college. He needs to be on campus, checked into his dorm (Gannon-Goldsworthy Hall) by August 20, 2008. The college has a Week of Welcome (WOW for short — no, no, no….NOT World of Warcraft!!) that he will be attending.

Its definitely been an exciting time here at the Elgort’s/Varner’s these last few months. I don’t see things slowing down any time soon. We still need to get Erin ready for her Sophomore year in high school. And then we need to start getting Alyssa (Bruce’s daughter) geared up for the college application process.

Exciting times!

Brandon is attending the Alive! Summer Orientation at Washington State University – Pullman these last few days. He will be taking the math and writing placement exams (oh joy!) and learning all about what to expect when he gets to college next month!

I am sure that he is having a ball! (well…as much as a teenage boy decides to have).

School starts August 25, 2008, but I am not sure when he has to be there to check into the dorms. I guess I will find out when he returns on Wednesday night. Unfortunately I could not go with him to orientation as Erin has volleyball and the schedule didn’t jive with the orientation dates.

But I will be sure to be there when he gets dropped off for college. Its just so hard to believe that my son will soon be an adult and headed off to college. It will definitely be strange not to have him in the house for the next 6 months or so.




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