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Happy Birthday Donahan Bella Luna of Tri-Ste!  You are 2 years old today!!!

It’s hard to believe that two years ago that you were born and that you were just a thought in our minds.  I remember going to your house and seeing all your brothers and sisters and having a hard time determining which puppy we wanted to bring home.

We are SO happy that we chose you to be in our family!  You are great companion to all of us (even Domino!!) and we couldn’t imagine life without you!  You are a wonderful dog, full of vigor and zest!  There is never a dull moment when you are around!

We are looking forward to MANY more years with you!  We can’t wait for the adventures to unfold!!

So enjoy your day (even though it will be spent in the ring) little Bella!  We love you lots!!!

Baby Bella

Baby Bella




I am beginning to believe that I am part dog as I spend literally 24×7 with my two dogs. When Domino was a puppy, Bruce and I shared time with him (since Bruce and I were not married and were living separately at that time), but I would say that Domino still spent the majority of time with me. When we got Bella, I was working at home so I was able to spend 100% of time with her as she grew up. So both animals see me as their main master (although I feel more like the b*tch!) and tend to gravitate to me more than the remainder of the family members.

When we only had Domino, he followed me EVERY WHERE! From the moment I got up to the moment I went to bed, he was constantly at my side. I thought that would change a bit when Bella arrived as he would have a companion to be with and wouldn’t rely on me so much. Well…..that isn’t QUITE how it all worked out. Instead, now I have TWO dogs that constantly follow me EVERY WHERE! I can be going down the stairs (with them in tow behind me) and then decide to quickly change directions and walk back upstairs, and WALLAH, guess who is right behind me??? Yup, my faithful companions, Domino and Bella!!!

Not that I don’t mind them being with me all the time, but geesh, can’t a woman get a break sometimes??!! Honestly, I do not mind it so much as I love my dogs to no end and wouldn’t know what to do if they weren’t around, but I do need that break once in a while from them!

I guess it brings new meaning to the phrase, “leader of the pack”. 🙂

Bella and Domino in lala-land

Bella and Domino in lala-land


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