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Happy Birthday Bella!  You are now 3 years old today!

I clearly remember the day we brought you home…howling and screaming all the way home in your crate!  I thought to myself…”boy, do I really want another dog??? Especially this howly one??”

What was I thinking!!!  Every day, you bring us joy and happiness to our family!  Your morning “woo woo’s” to wake us up to a new day, your “woo woo’s” (with your bone in your mouth) greeting us when we come home….the joyous sound of “welcome home mommy and daddy” fills the house.  What a blessing you have been to all of us!  Domino has a best friend and sister who he loves to play with!  Erin and Brandon have a “best friend” at their side.  And the shear joy and laughter you bring to me personally has been the best “medicine” that anyone could ever prescribe!

Thank you for being the little “fart” you are, Bella!  We are sooo looking forward to many, many more years of the same!  Happy Birthday my baby Bella!


It’s Domino Designer 7.x day! (November 22, 2009)  That is, it’s Donahan Domino Designer’s 7 year (or 49 in people years) birthday!!!!

Seven years ago, Bruce and I were considering a dog but were just not 100% sure what kind of dog we wanted or even if we were ready to commit to the responsibility of dog ownership.  In Bruce’s quest to find the perfect dog, our friend Kelly told him that her mother bred English Springer Spaniels and that they were an excellent dog to own as a pet.  We had no clue what an English Springer Spaniel was, but Kelly insured Bruce that he would fall in love with them.  To get Bruce familiarized with the breed, Kelly’s mom brought over their four dogs (Delta, Jeanie, Calvin and Duffy) for him to check out. Bruce never mentioned anything to me about seeing Kelly’s mother’s dogs nor going forward with any thing.  So for a few months things slowed down and not much happened.

Then, a few months later, Bruce showed me some puppy pictures of the breed and asked me what I thought of the puppies.  I thought they were cute, but I had my heart set on a yellow lab.  He asked me if I would like a dog like that (an English Springer).  I didn’t say “yes” or “no”…so I think he took it as a “maybe”.  I am not sure when Bruce did this, but he went out to see the litter of puppies that Jeanie (Domino’s mom) just had.  He instantly fell in love with Domino (Kaleb then).  From that point forward, there was no turning back!  We were now going to be the proud owners of a 8 week old black and white male English Springer Spaniel!

I remember vividly the day that Domino was brought home to us!  He was so little!  He had his first meal at our house, played with us for a while and then fell asleep.

The next item on the list was to name him.  We were thinking something to do with him being black and white.  Oreo was mentioned and some other names. but then I came across Domino and thought of the instant connection between black and white, domino the game piece and IBM’s Lotus Notes/Domino!  What a perfect fit!!!  It was a match made in heaven!!  But now the chore was to put together a AKC name that included Domino.  We thought long and hard on this but came up with a very clever name.  With Domino’s mother’s AKC name, CH Donahan’s Designer Jeans CD, we came up with CH Donahan Domino Designer (playing on his mother’s AKC name as well as IBM’s Lotus Notes/Domino Designer name)  Pretty neat, huh?

What would have been really neat is if back in 2002 (the year Domino – the dog) was born, that IBM Lotus Notes/Domino was in version 7, but alas, it wasn’t (it was in version 6.x)  So, I guess we can’t say that Domino was born when Lotus Notes/Domino was in version 7.x!

So here we are 7 years later with a WONDERFUL pet who has brought us so much joy and laughter into our family!  Domino now has a little sister (Bella) that he has to contend with every now and then, but I think he wouldn’t have it any other way!  But that’s another story!

Thank you Domino, for bringing us all the joy and love into our family!  We are excited to have MANY more years with you and creating unforgettable memories!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOY!  You are the best Domino Designer that anyone could ever design!  We love you so much!

Baby Domino

Baby Domino

Domino Today

Domino Today

Bella will be leaving tomorrow for a week to show in the AKC dog shows in Montana.  Domino got his major in Montana, so we are crossing our fingers that Bella will win her first points here!  Wish her luck!

Bruce and I will miss the little fart while she is gone.  This will be her first time away from home.  So hopefully she will do well and not think too much about her brother Domino and her mommy and daddy.

Good luck Bella!!!

My friend, Kelly showed me this Youtube video of Domino’s sister’s litter of English Springer Spaniels.  They are so adorable!  I remember when Domino was this little (and Bella too)!

Devon, Bella’s brother is tearing up the conformance circuit!  At only 17 months he is already on his way to becoming a champion!

Here’s his win history so far:

  • 11/23/08 Lake Shore Kennel Club – Best of Winners (1 pt)
  • 11/30/08 Kankakee River Valley Kennel Club – Winners (1 pt)
  • 12/12/08 Starved Rock Kennel Club – Winners (1 pt)
  • 12/13/08 Skokie Valley Kennel Club – Winners (1 pt)

Devon’s not in another show until the end of January so he has a bit of a break.  Bella is also showing in Portland, OR the week that we are at Lotusphere.  Let’s wish them both the best of luck!

Winner - Devon - Kankakee River Valley Kennel Club

Winner - Devon - Kankakee River Valley Kennel Club

Since we got Bella about a year ago, life hasn’t been quite the same for all of us!

At first, when we were deciding whether or not to get another dog/puppy, we were not sure if we wanted another pet as life with just Domino was wonderful.  We weren’t sure if we were ready to tackle potty training, teething, biting, etc. again!

But once we went to see the litter of puppies, there was no turning back….we were hooked!  We HAD to get another adorable puppy!!  And we knew we wanted to get a female to compliment Domino’s maleness.

So Bella (aka Digger) was the lucky puppy to get chosen to live with our family.  From the first day that we brought her home, Domino has been a champ with her.  He put up with all of the attention she was getting and did not get angry when she bit his ears or got under foot.  He did not get jealous and act out.  He slowly but surely started to play with her more and more, being gentle at first and then getting a bit more frisky once she got older.

I look at them today and they are inseparable.  When Bella has to stay the night at her “aunt” to get her ready for an upcoming dog show, Domino is lost without her.  He pouts and gets depressed when she is not around.  And the moment she gets home, Domino is beside himself with joy and happiness!  It’s so cute to watch.

I am so glad that we decided on another puppy and even happier that we chose Bella.  She is the best thing that ever happened to Domino.  And we couldn’t be happier to have them both as pets.

Bella and Domino are best friends….

Bella and Domino - Inseparateable

Bella and Domino - Inseparable

Here’s a picture of Bella’s papa Simon at Nationals where he earned his Master Agility Championship!!! He is a conformation champion and an agility champion earning him his AKC Dual Championship! Simon is the first springer in the southwest to earn a MACH and only the 3rd springer in the whole country to earn both a CH and a MACH.

I believe that Bella has taking on some of her daddy’s traits as she LOVES to “spring” about!

Way to go Simon!  Congratulations and a job well done!  Bella is proud of her papa!!

Simon - Nationals

Simon - Nationals

Bella will be showing this weekend in the Greater Clark County Kennel Club show held at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Ridgefield, Washington.

I am not sure what # show this is for her, but she definitely seems to like being in the ring.  Wish her luck and hope that she gets some points!

Bella and her bone

Bella and her bone

Per my previous post on Friday of last week, I mentioned that Bella would be entering into the Vancouver KC dog show this last weekend.

Overall, Bella showed very well and looked really good in the ring.  She always looks like she is having a great time and almost seems like she likes the “lime-light”.  She won her class (12-18 month old females), which put her into the Winners class competition.  Although she did not win the Winners class round, she still did very well considering she was the again, the youngest one in the ring.  Our handler, Debbie, stated that the judge was “eying” Bella pretty good, but because the two that did win (Winners and Reserve Winner) were more seasoned and mature, Bella just didn’t have a chance.  But it is good to know that she showed well and that the judge seemed to really like her.

We need to keep in mind that Bella is only showing to get her use to the ring and the art of “showing”.  Domino started showing when he was 2 years old.  Bella is on 15 months old.  So, she has a long way to go, but again, knowing that she likes it, shows well and is getting “practice” gives us confidence that she will do well once she does start showing seriously.

So congratulations my Bella Luna!  Mom and Dad are proud of you!  And Domino is glad you are back home!!!

Bella - 12-18 mo. old class competition

Bella - 12-18 mo. old class competition

Bella - Winners Class Competition

Bella - Winners Class Competition

This weekend is the Vancouver Kennel Club Dog Show held at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Ridgefield, WA. Bella has been entered in the 12 month old category and will be showing this Saturday (October 25, 2008) around 1:45-2:00 p.m.

She hasn’t shown since this last summer and held off entering her in shows as we felt she needed to “fill in” and mature a bit.  We decided to enter Bella into this dog show as 1) it is local; 2) she has matured a bit more 3) its good practice for her.

We are not sure how well she will do, but we are excited to see her back in the ring.  She seems to enjoy being in the ring (I think she thinks its like a play day or something!).  And as long as she enjoys it and she gets the practice, we are supportive of it.

So wish her luck (and us) tomorrow.  I will post pictures and results next week.

Bella Luna

Bella Luna


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