Yesterday and today (28 hour radio marathon) a local radio station (105.1 the Buzz) is running their 4th annual Valentines Day for the CCA marathon.  They do a wonderful job raising money for the CCA and has become an annual ritual for me to listen and contribute to the cause.  They raffle off some wonderful prizes to help raise money.   In addition, they have some very heart-tugging stories from local families telling their experiences with the CCA and how this organization has helped them through their hardships.

The Children’s Cancer Association was founded by a mother (Regina Ellis) who lost her child from cancer back in 1995.  The CCA (now in existence for thirteen years) is a nonprofit organization that provides a wonderful support system for children and their families that are experiencing life with cancer and other life threatening circumstances.  This organization is not funded by the government, state or federal.  All their funds come from the community, corporate sponsorships and many others.

Simply stated, the Children’s Cancer Association’s vision is “to be the leader in innovation of pediatric patient care, partner with key children’s hospitals, and deliver superior quality programs and services.”  The following excerpt from their website, summarizes everything:

“Through the eyes of a child

Meeting families where they are

Compassion in action

Be the best for the world

Create a possibility curve”

I can’t say enough about this organization.  It touches me deeply, not only because of Dani, but because this organization truly stands out above so many of the other institutions.  They have proven time and time again, with real life experiences to back them up, a strong committment not only to raise awareness, but also to genuinely help those children and families that need it.

Thank you CCA for being here in our community and providing children and families with hope, love and possiblities.