This years 2009 95th annual Rose Bowl contenders are University of Southern California Trojans (11-1) and Penn State.  (11-1).  Penn State has appeared in the Rose Bowl twice before, losing to USC 14-3 in 1923 and winning in 1995 over Oregon 38-20. USC has played in the Rose Bowl more times than any other school and will make its fourth consecutive appearance in 2009.

I have to be a bit biased and root for USC, not because they are a west coast team, but because my niece plays in the USC Spirit of Troy Marching Band.  This will be her 2nd year marching with the band.  She plays the trumpet and has been playing since her grade school years.  I am sure that I will not be able to “pick her out” amongst the many band players on the field at half time, but it gives me pleasure knowing that she is out there marching her little heart out!

So go Trojans!

Morgan - USC Spirit of Troy Marching Band

Morgan - USC Spirit of Troy Marching Band

Game time – January 1, 2009 on ABC at 4:30 p.m.  EST. (kickoff at 5:10 p.m.)