This morning I was listening to the local radio station and one of the stories that they were discussing was the latest and hottest trend which is causing a commotion on the market.  So what is all the commotion about?  Apparently, the hot trend now is butt cleavage jewelry.

At piercing parlors around the country, both men and women have been getting their booty cleave surface pierced. Basically, the finished piercing looks just like a belly button barbell for your flipside.  (see pictures here)

According to a recent poll, 63% voted butt cleavage jewelry as hot!

I’ve had my belly button pierced (which is long gone now) and that experience was pretty painful.  I can’t imagine having this done on the back side where there is less skin surface to pierce.

What will be interesting as this trend continues is how they will explain themselves at an airport security metal detector!