American Idol Runner-up, David Archuleta, debuts his first album today.  The self titled album, “David Archuleta” is getting some mixed reviews from the media.  I have heard his lead single, Crush, and really like it.  This album is an adult-contemporary album with ballads that will appeal to his young, female fans. Because many of the songs are piano-based and mid- to low-tempo, it allows him to unleash his powerful voice and play to his strengths.

Highlights of the new record are “Touch My Hand” and “Desperate,” which aim for grandeur, with big choruses and sweeping (but not overwhelming) arrangements.  Also included on the album is the rendition of Robbie Williams’ “Angels,” which he sang on Idol.

I know that this probably isn’t going to be one of Bruce’s favorites to listen to, but I will probably venture out and purchase the album.  Bruce will have to just suffer through listening to me sing along with David in the car!  🙂

Unfortunately, the original “Crush video” on Youtube does not allow you to embed it anymore.  If you want to watch the original Crush video, go to Youtube and search on David Archuleta or click on the following link – David Archuleta – Crush.