I normally try not to write about negative things on my blog, but this particular story had me just livid!  This story must be told and shared for Molly (the dog) and other animals in similar situations.  I am sure you will have the same consensus once you read on. (A word of caution, this story may be a bit upsetting)

A few days ago, our local TV news station relayed a story about a family that tried to euthanize their dog themselves.  Apparently this dog was very ill and not doing well.  Instead of taking the dog to the vet or to the Humane Society, they decided that they would try to put the dog out of its misery on their own.  So what did they do?  Well, they decide that they could bludgeon the dog to death by hitting it with a hammer on its head!  Then they bury it thinking the dog was dead.  However, the dog was still alive and was whimpering and crying.  It was so loud that a neighbor ended up calling 9-1-1.

When asked why they didn’t just go to the vet to have the dog put down, they initially said that they did not have the money to pay for it. But later they said they were afraid to take the dog to the vet because they were worried that they would be accused of animal abuse.  (geesh…ya think???)

To make a long story short, the dog was euthanized by a local vet and the father and daughter were arrested last night.  The father was charged with aggravated animal abuse in the first degree and the daughter charged with animal neglect in the first degree.  The daughter is set to appear in court on November 7th for her arraignment and the father would likely have his first court appearance on Monday, November 10th.

I hope that they get charged with the most stringent penalty there is for such a crime!  People like this should never be allowed to own an animal as a pet!

I am beyond words on how any one could do this to a family pet!  Regardless of their situation, there ARE options out there!  It is TOTALLY unacceptable and incredibly cruel!!!

May Molly rest in peace.