I was doing some surfing this morning and came across this article that I thought was very interesting.  After reading it, I thought to myself whether or not I would try something like this if I had the extra money to do so.  After some thought, I think that it may be worth trying as it sounds like a blast.  I know for sure if I were 20 years younger, the answer would be, “hell ya!”.  But with age comes the fact that you become less and less adaptable as your body just doesn’t want to cooperate like it used to!  So, I am not so sure the answer would be an astounding, “hell ya” anymore, but more like a “maybe”

When I was in my 20’s I was a bit more dare-devilish and tried my hand at skydiving. It was a static jump and I trained at the the Byron School of Skydiving.  After almost a full day of instruction on the ground, we went up in a small prop plane and jumped out of a perfectly good plane.  (I must have been crazy!!) Initially it was very nerve-racking, but once I was out and my parachute opened successfully, it was the BEST feeling/experience ever!  You just floated forever like a bird.

They took 4 people at a time in the plane and they have the heaviest person jump first and the lightest person jump last.  (of course, I was last to jump!)  When it was my turn, I honestly was ready to chicken out, but since everyone else before me did it, I knew I couldn’t come back NOT jumping.  In order to jump from the plane, you need to put your right foot out on a step outside the plane and then push off.  Because I was a whopping 90 lbs then, I didn’t have enough weight to keep my foot down with the wind velocity rushing outside the plane.  The jump master actually had to put her weight down on me so I could get a foothold on the step so I could push off correctly.  The next thing I knew I was flying through the air and then feeling the tug of the parachute deploying along with the radio controller on the ground letting me know that I had a successful jump.  The next 7 minutes was pure bliss as you floated through the air and being able to see miles and miles of scenery.  Just breathtaking!!!

To land, the ground controller tells you which arm you need to drop (turning you left and right) and then finally dropping both arms “braking” you into the landing.  It is very deceiving as you think the landing is going to be just a hop, skip and a jump.  However, the landing was more like a “thud”, drop and roll!

All my friends teased me to no end as they said that I was up there “forever”!!  Because I was so light, the winds were able to sustain me up there for a longer period of time than most.  At any rate, it was one of the best experiences I have ever encountered and never regretted doing it.  I know I have a picture of me jumping from the plane, but I can’t find it, otherwise I would definitely post it.

This article about Zero G flying reminded me a lot of my experience with skydiving.  I am not so sure I would be so enthusiastic about trying it now, but I know I definitely would have done it when I was younger.

So the question is…would you attempt Zero G flying if you had the chance?