As most of you know, my daughter just got her learners permit and is taking Drivers Education (she just turned 15 years old at the end of August).  With most teenagers, this is an important right of passage as well as a very exciting time in their lives. And for most parents, it is a time when your start to worry about the safety of your child behind the wheel and the reality that your child is becoming more and more independent and less and less dependent on you.

Because you want your child to learn how to drive safety and responsibly, you want to make sure that you enroll them into the best drivers education program possible.  With all the many drivers education schools out there, it is very difficult to weed out the good ones from the bad.  I was fortunate enough to come across the driving school that Erin is attending now.  Our neighbor boy as well as some of Erin’s friends have attended this particular school.  All had good things to say about it and better yet, it is located only about 5 minutes from my house!  I knew immediately that I did not want Erin to attend the driving school that Brandon had (I was not very pleased with that school) gone to.  So based on what I have heard about the driving school Erin is attending, I went ahead and signed her up.

When I dropped her off on her first day, I immediately liked the school and their staff.  They explained to me their philosophy and what they would be doing with the kids.  They teach through lecture, class video and have guest speakers come in.  And they have 7 hours of behind the wheel driving (over 100 miles).  But what sets this driving school apart from many of the other driving schools, is that they teach the kids how to drive defensively.  For example, they teach them what to do in a skid, how to drive in ice and snow, what to do if you are in an accident and how to react, how to prevent accidents, etc.  The driving school that Brandon attended didn’t even go there nor did he ever get to drive on the freeway during his schooling.  The driving school that Erin is attending has them driving in all different type of traffic situations (freeway, side streets, residential streets, rural driving, etc.)  They get a flavor of what it is to drive in many different road way environments.  Erin is on her 3rd drive with them.  Yesterday she got to drive on the freeway and did very well.  She has 4 more drives to schedule and then she will have completed her drivers education.  And then it will be up to mom and dad to get her more practice so that by the time she gets her drivers license, she will be a great (well good) driver!

Another cool thing is that this school partners with Toyota and all the cars the students drive are the latest Toyota Corolla’s.  So all the cars they drive are in good condition and run well.  No worry about breaking down on the side of the road or being afraid that the brakes won’t work!!!

So I guess you are all wondering what the name of this driving school Erin is attending.  The name of the school is appropriately called Driving 101.  They have been in business for about 3 years and seem to be going strong.  If you have a child getting ready to drive and live in the Vancouver, WA area, I would highly recommend this driving school.  They have an excellent program and their staff is friendly and professional.