Last night Erin participated on the annual Prairie High School Homeless Awareness Night, which is part of the Key Club’s annual event.

Statistically, in a 2008 one-day count, there were 1,062 people who were homeless in Clark County alone.  For one night each year, the Prairie Key Clubbers choose to sleep outside of Prairie High School in boxes and sleeping bags in order to become more aware of how homeless teens live each day.

Luckily last nights low was 56 degrees F with no precipitation (we had off and on showers yesterday day).  And this morning, it was about 46-50 degrees F and foggy.

I haven’t seen Erin today yet, so I do not know how she fared.  They have a 1/2 day of school today, so I have a feeling that the first thing that she is going to do when she gets home is eat something, take a hot shower and land into bed for an afternoon siesta.  I have a suspicious feeling that they didn’t get a real good night’s sleep last night!!!  😉

Anyway, as soon as I hear more details, I will let you know how she did.