If any one knows my daughter, she is always keeping herself busy in one way or another.  There never seems to be any real length of idle time for her.  She always finds something to do to keep her mind and body active.

This summer, she worked out and conditioned for volleyball in hopes that when the team try outs came along in late August that she would make the team.  Unfortunately, this year, Erin did not make the team.  Although she was disappointed, this did not deter her from trying other things.  I told her that I was very proud of her even though she did not make the team.  Her persistence, determination, bravado and a “can do” attitude are traits that will carry her far into the future.

So, last night, Erin comes to me and says that she is going to join the Key Club at her school.  I was very estactic as being in the Key Club is a highly rated club and does a lot for the community.  One of the activities that they will be doing (and have done for several years) is to sleep outside over night in card board boxes (I believe on the school premises) to emulate what it is like to be homeless and then report their experiences.  I also believe they have to do at least 100 hours of community related service activities in order to letter in the club.

It will be a very interesting year as she participates in the club and watch her grow into an even a more well rounded individual.

Good luck Erin!  I know you will do great and in the process have a great time!!  I am so very proud of you!

Erin and Erica

Erin and Erica