What food/dessert calls out to you most? Especially during those times when you know you “shouldn’t” be eating it?! One that just continues to call out your name over and over again when you see it?

Everyone loves a good meal and a satisfying dessert. So, what is my food weakness? I’d have to say my #1 dessert weakness is a good warm brownie. It doesn’t have to be smothered in anything or be decadent…it just has to be gooey and good! Mmmmmmmmm….

As far as food…that’s a tough one. There are many foods that I like. Some good king crab legs smothered in drawn butter. Or maybe some good Italian pasta with lots of garlic and wine sauce…or possibly a good tenderloin fillet grilled to perfection….ahhhh so many choices…

So what food/dessert is calling you today?