I am not sure how many of you use coupons to help save a little bit of money, but I have always been one of those shoppers. Especially when it comes to grocery/food shopping.

Just recently I found a wonderful and convenient website that makes coupon shopping easy! Any one that shops at any of the Kroger stores (for example – QFC, Kroger, Ralphs, Smiths, Frys, Food4Less, Fred Meyer) can go to their site, Kroger.com, and use their P&G3Saver or their program called Shortcuts.com. With Shortcuts.com, you pick out your coupons (they also have coupons for their store brand items and not just the national brands) and download them onto your store discount card. No more cutting paper coupons and trying to remember to bring your coupons to the store with you! When you check out and scan your store discount card, the coupons that you entered on the card will automatically be deducted from the total. How awesome is that???

I know there are a lot of websites that have coupon offerings, but the neat thing about this service is that the coupons are stored on your discount card which makes it so much more convenient than having to shop for coupons on other sites. On those sites, you still need to print and cut those coupons out. (and remember to bring them to the store with you!)

So, if any one shops at any of the Kroger stores, I hope that you take advantage of this service. I know I will on my next grocery shop.