Season 7 of American Idol was probably one of the better seasons we have seen in a long time. The talent this year was far superior to previous years. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the whole season and felt that the top 3 contestants well deserved their spot in the lime light.

Shyesha will do well (she has a beautiful voice) and I feel will possibly land somewhere in Broadway. As for the top two contestants, David Archuleta and David Cook, both contestants are fabulous singers, each bringing to the table their own special talent to the stage.

So who was my favorite? I was torn between the two, but I felt that David Archuleta had the better voice and was more consistent than David Cook over the season’s performances. However, as Greyhawk mentions in his blog, I do agree that David Cook had a lot more range in his song performances, mixing it up and making it his own, whereas David Archuleta tended to sound the same throughout most of his song choices.

However, with that said, David Archuleta’s performance last night singing “Apologise” with One Republic has shown Archie’s potential in becoming both a pop and ballad singer. In my opinion, his rendition of this song was better than what One Republic performed.

Even though I would have loved to see David Archuleta win Season 7, I agree with Simon/Randy’s comment that both are winners and both will do well regardless of the American Idol title. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing some cd’s from both artists and will more than likely purchase them as I am a fan of both.

On another note, my niece (Morgan) was on stage at the finale last night playing her trumpet with the University of Southern California (USC) Trojan Marching Band. I am not sure where she was at, but I thought I saw her on the left hand side in the front. I haven’t had the chance to speak with her, but I want to get the “low down” on all the backstage saga and if she was able to meet any of the contestants, judges or stars. What a very cool thing to have experienced!!!