Today was the first day for the release of Wii Fit. Bruce and I had heard about the game for about a year now and have been watching for its release. We have been wanting to get it ever since we heard about it.

So when we saw that Wii Fit was going to be released today, we went to the store first thing this morning to purchase it. We wanted to beat the crowds (although I did not see a crowd this morning at the store) and make sure we got one.

Well, we are happy to say we are now proud owners of the game. My kids do not know we got one so I am sure that when my daughter gets home from school today she will be wanting to “challenge” me to some of the games on it.

I have to say, I have not had the chance to open the box yet. (Yes, work first, play later…my mama taught me well!) But after lunch and after I get a few things squared away this morning, you can bet that I will be playing the game! Whether or not I hurt myself doing it is another story!

I’ll keep you posted on how well I do and how sore I get!!!