With my mom just recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, I have been doing a lot of reading and research on the subject.

I myself have gone through a similar experience when I was pregnant with both children. I had gestational diabetes in both pregnancies, so I am very aware of what a diabetic has to do on a daily basis. Luckily, I was not insulin dependent during my pregnancies and could manage my sugars through diet and nutrition alone. So I know how important your diet is to maintaining sugar levels. The good thing about gestational diabetes is that it goes away once your baby is born. (however, in some rare cases, this does not happen) But where does this leave me for my future in becoming a diabetic? Well, having gestational diabetes does pre-dispose me to having a higher risk of becoming a Type 2 diabetic than say someone that didn’t have gestational diabetes. And now with it being prevalent in my family medical history, I even have a higher disposition of becoming diabetic as years go by. So I know that in order for help prevent that from happening, my diet and the amount of exercise I get is very important now and for my future.

In my search for information about the disease, I ran across a website (and they have a tv program too) that I found very informational. The site caters to diabetics, their families and friends and provides a variety of information on diabetes. The site is called dLife.

In researching how to manage your diabetes through food and nutrition, I came across this article that was very interesting. In a nutshell, nutritional management of diabetes usually involves dietary changes that balance moderation, carbohydrate control, and healthy food choices. But most interesting is the fact that the best diet for a person with diabetes is really the same kind of healthy eating that is best for everyone. That is we all need to focus on whole foods that are high in fiber and nutrient-dense content. This includes virtually all plant foods, most dairy products, lean meat and poultry, and fish. This also means that we need to keep away from highly processed foods. Not only do we need to eat healthy, but daily exercise is also a must to controlling your diabetes.

Everyday, you hear more and more people, especially young children are becoming Type 2 diabetic. If we all followed the nutritional recommendations above, we wouldn’t have this outbreak. And I can guarantee that a lot of other diseases wouldn’t be so prevalent either.

But it is always easier said than done. Those yummy chocolate donuts in the bakery department always tends to mesmerize you rather than those “lovely” green and yellow vegetable in the produce department!

However, because I have such a high risk of becoming diabetic in the future, I personally find it important for me to concentrate on good nutrition and exercise. I am actually planning on purchasing a diabetic cookbook (which have some really great recipes). It can’t hurt and can only help me and my family.

As the old saying goes

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Henry de Bracton