This post is to thank Planet Lotus for adding me to their site and to say “hello” to all the Lotus/Domino community.

Many may already know me and many may not. You probably are asking how am I related to the “Lotus/Domino” community and how much involvement/knowledge do I have with this community and the product.

For those that do not know me (or even if you think you know me) below is a short summary about me.

Now, I don’t consider myself a full-fledged geek, but I also do not consider myself a total novice in the technology field. Most of my experience with Lotus/Domino has come about from being a “user” as well as a “seller” of the product. I guess I have enough knowledge to be dangerous (uh-oh) but not enough to be considered an “expert” in the field.

My background and experience with Lotus/Domino started back in the mid-late 90’s (I believe we were using Notes 3.x) when I worked at Underwriters Laboratories in Camas, WA. Bruce Elgort (my husband) was tasked with making this office the first “paperless” office for UL and to make it the “technology savvy” office. Hence, the introduction of Lotus Notes. What a surprise it was when all the users first saw the user interface of Notes….we were all scratching our heads thinking that maybe Bruce had gone off his rocker with rolling out such a foreign application. But as time went on, everyone saw the value of the product and it’s highly collaborative capabilities. To this day, UL still uses some of the very same applications that Bruce and Steve developed back in the 90’s.

My next encounter with Lotus Notes/Domino was when I sold help desk/CRM/SFA applications at GWI Software, located in Vancouver, WA. Selling products developed around Notes was one of the best ways to understand the product technically as well as understanding the benefits of this platform.

I continued to sell products/services that were built around Lotus Notes/Domino until about 2004. I left the Lotus/Domino world to join forces with a company that was solely Microsoft based. And boy, did I miss using Notes!!! I was an Account Manager for this company managing major key accounts throughout the country. They did not have a CRM package, so needless to say, contact management was done via email and via a LOT of spreadsheets!!! The lack of collaboration was frustrating for me. If only we had a Notes database that could do simple contact management…I would have been in heaven.

Well, in mid-2007, I left this company to pursue other endeavors. This brings me to date with Bruce, Matt and I developing our own Notes/Domino based product (IdeaJam) and creating a company called Elguji Software LLC.

I feel like I am back home again working with something that I am familiar and comfortable with. So, I guess you could say that I am “back in the saddle again” re-joining the Lotus/Domino community. So, I hope you all welcome me back with open arms and stay patient with me while I bring myself back up to date with the latest and greatest on what is going on with the product and the community!