A while back I had posted some pictures of Domino on my Flickr account and received a comment/notification from a woman who was developing a dog breed site. She was asking if she could use some of Domino’s pictures for her English Springer Spaniel section. Of course, being the proud mama of such a handsome dog, I said “yes”.

At the time, the site was being revamped and she had asked us for any input on English Springer Spaniels, knowing that we were avid English Springer Spaniel lovers and owners. Of course, we referred her to Domino’s grandma who is a breeder (Donahan Springers) of English Springers. She was able to assist her in getting the right information out on her site. (Domino is prominently displayed in the English Springer Spaniel photo gallery along with some other Donahan springers.)

Just a couple of days ago, I received an email from the woman who owns/manages this site stating that they finished their site. I have browsed through her site and it is Wonderful!

If any of you are interested in owning a dog or need information about different types of dog breeds, this site is a great place to find valuable information about different dog breeds and their characteristics. Her site is called DogBreedExplorer. Check it out!