I can’t believe how fast this school year has gone by! I just looked at the calendar and realized that the kids only have a couple of months before school is over for the summer! There is so much to do before the school year ends!

Brandon graduates from high school (June 17) this year and we have tons of things that we are getting ready for. The school even has developed a “count down” list for the seniors! I am really excited for him as this will be a big milestone for him and for us.

He has chosen his college (he had 4 other colleges to choose from – Oregon State University, University of Portland, Western Washington University and Montana State) and has decided to go to Washington State University – Pullman. I believe he is going to go into the bio-technical field, although I am not 100% sure. His dad will be going with him to Freshman Orientation sometime mid-July. I won’t be able to go as Erin has Volleyball camp during that time and needs to be here if she is going to make the team next year. School starts on August 25, 2008 and he needs to be there to move into the dorms on August 17-20.

Its just hard to believe that I have a child going to college and is considered as an adult (who even gets to vote this year!) I still remember him the day he was born. I guess you don’t realize how time goes by until the major milestones happen in your child’s life.

As his special day gets closer (graduation) and as the time for us to wave “good bye” to him on his first day of college gets closer, I will continue to keep you posted.