Mom had her shoulder replacement surgery on Friday morning. Her surgery went very well with no complications. The doctor stated that there was not a lot of internal bleeding. She is still in the hospital recovering and we are not sure how much longer she will have to be there. Her blood pressure has stabilized and her sugars are low and seemed to be under control. She will still have to be on medication, but at least her sugars are not sky high.

I spoke to her this weekend and she sounds really good. They are going to start her doing some basic therapy to regain some of her strength.

So all in all, the news has been very good. We are all very happy and thankful that things are headed in the right direction.

She still has a long way to go before she is fully recovered, but between all of us sisters, I think she will be fine. My oldest sister is there now helping out. After that, there will be a week where none of us out of state sisters will be home so my sister that lives in the same town as my mom will have to step in. Then my little sister goes out the following week and then I do.

Thank you all for sending your positive thoughts and prayers. I will continue to update her condition as I get information.