I spoke to mom today and she is in good spirits. She is eating again and seems to be hanging in there. They had to postpone the surgery until tomorrow morning. After further examination from the doctor, her shoulder is completely shattered and putting pins in (what they previously were going to do) will not help. Instead they will need to replace the ball with a titanium ball and fuse the tendons and muscles together to put the shoulder back in place.

She is still in pain but is working through it. I am not sure how long she will be in the hospital after her surgery. I will find out more tomorrow night or Saturday morning.

I will be going out to see her on April 26, 2008 for a week. One of my sisters will be out this Saturday and my other sister will be out a week prior to when I go out. Between all of us, we seem to have things under control. I guess that is one good thing about having a fairly large family!

So all in all, things are moving forward and progressing. We still have her recovery to deal with which will be the hardest part. But she is a strong lady and we are all there to help so I am confident we will all get through this.

I will continue to keep you all posted.