Yup, Bella is in heat! We knew it was going to happen soon but we were not sure exactly when.

She went into heat (as close as we can tell) this last Saturday. At first I did not know until her brother Domino couldn’t stay away from her. So I checked her and sure enough…my little Bella is becoming a woman!

She is now sporting some very sexy “britches” that she will wear during the duration of her “heat” cycle. (which I believe is about 18 days) I don’t have any pictures of her yet in her britches, but I will soon and get them posted for the whole world to see!!

Bella hasn’t been too bad during this whole thing. She does have her moments where she just terrorizes her brother and can be very obnoxious at times. (do you think that is why they call female dogs “bitches”????) Her poor brother doesn’t know what to think! All he knows is that she is smelling pretty good and that she keeps shoving her butt in his face!

All the time that we have had Domino, he was never one to hump any ones leg or show any sexual tendencies what so ever. Until now…..unfortunately, I am not sure if Domino knows which is the front or back end of a female dog!!! Either Bella is really wily and quick or Domino is clueless! LOL!

Anyway, it’s been quite a learning experience for me. It’s only been 5 days into her cycle…so I am not quite sure what to expect over the next 10 days or so. Hopefully Domino, Bruce and I will all survive this wonderful passage into womanhood!!! đŸ™‚