This last week (Thursday and Friday) Bruce and I decided to spend an early Easter holiday at the beach. We booked a two night stay at the Stephanie Inn in Cannon Beach (our special get away place).

The drive to the beach was very nice and leisurely. There was hardly any traffic and the weather cooperated nicely.

I was looking forward to getting away with my honey and spending some quality time with him.

When we finally got to the Stephanie Inn, we had our room that we always get when we stay there. It is always nice to go stay somewhere knowing exactly what kind of room you are getting and what kind of service you will receive. No surprises.

Well, to MY surprise, upon entering our room, awaiting for us was a single red rose on the bed, two champagne glasses, champagne, candles and chocolate truffles (Yummo!). It was the sweetest and most romantic surprise ever!!!

But it did not stop there. We went down for the daily wine and cheese get together. We met a lot of nice and interesting people there (as we always do). We later enjoyed a quiet dinner at the Lumberyard where Bruce received a free T-shirt for ordering the 4×4 burger. Needless to say the 4×4 burger was very LARGE! I believe there were 4 patties on the burger and it stood about a good 6 inches tall!! Bruce and I were not expecting that!!! The smallest burger is the 2×4 (which I ordered) and that was two patties. Well…we were stuffed!!! We “rolled” ourselves back to the inn and pretty much passed out from too much wine and food! The night was very stormy, so it was very cozy to be in the room all snuggled up in bed with a full tummy!

The next day the sun was shining (but the temperature was cold). We got up and had our breakfast and then we both pampered ourselves to an hour massage with our all time favorite masseuse, Billy. What is special about Billy is that she is blind. She does everything by feel. She can find the EXACT spot where you are sore or achy without a word. She uses the right amount of pressure for me and can take me from a knotted mess to liquid jello. Without a doubt, I can say that she is the BEST masseuse I have ever had…hands down! After our massage and showers, we went for a long beach walk and then had a nice lunch at Mo’s. We then went back to the room and crashed for a few hours. Before we knew it, it was time once again for the wine and cheese get together. We ended the night with a nice dinner at the Inn. We were so beat from the day that we both almost fell asleep at dinner (we had a late dinner – 8:30 p.m. to about 10:00 p.m.). After a wonderful creme brulee dessert, we rolled ourselves upstairs to bed.

The next morning we slepted in a bit, got up, enjoyed a nice breakfast and then went beach combing before we left.

It’s always hard to leave our little paradise, but we had a birthday party to celebrate that night so we reluctantly pulled ourselves away and drove back home with the beach in our rear view mirror.

We ended that day by going to a comedy club with our friends and then eating a late night dinner at Swagat’s in Portland, Oregon.

We ended the weekend by spending a quiet and calm Easter, just the two of us….just the way we wanted!!!

I couldn’t have asked for a better holiday. I am the luckiest girl ever! I thank God for giving me the wonderful man that I married and the wonderful life that I have received. I am grateful and blessed. Thank you honey, for the wonderful time and the memories that we have created! I am looking forward to creating more memories with you!