I went back to the gym for the first time since we got Bella. I did some cardio as well as some upper body conditioning. And of course, I had to include the standard stomach work outs. I was there for about 2 hours which is about a normal work out for me.

I didn’t push it much as I knew that I would pay for it later on. I figured I had better start out slowly and build my way back up. Otherwise, I may have just injured myself unnecessarily! LOL!

I have to say, though, it did feel really good to get back. I haven’t lifted weights for at least 5 years. Previously, I was only focusing on cardio but with me getting older, focusing on just cardio wasn’t doing it for me. I thought I had better get back into lifting weights again as it helps with keeping the bone density strong. God knows that I don’t want to get any shorter than I already am!!!

So here I am today a bit sore (not as much as I thought I was going to be) and still moving! I am looking forward to going back. (call me crazy!) I always procrastinate on going, but once I am there I really do enjoy it.

I was a gymnast for over 6 years and am used to having to work out at the gym for long hours at a time. However, the only difference today is that I can’t work out at the intensity that I used to and I can’t move like I used to! So I guess I have to settle and be happy with the fact that I can still get to the gym and motivate myself into getting into shape! And that, my friend, is half the battle!