This weekend was the dog show held in Albany OR. As most of you know, Bella was entered into this competition and Bruce, Kelly and I went on Saturday to see her compete.

Penny King (thank you so much Penny for showing her for us!) showed Bella. There were a total of 3 dogs in her class. (puppy – ages 6 months – 9 months). The bitch that beat her at her last show was there also.

Bella showed very well and did very good in the ring. She gaited beautifully and stacked nicely. At the end of the competition, Bella was in 3rd place, but at the very last moment the judge decided to look at Bella again and had her run one more time. He then decided to bump Bella into 2nd place which put her in the position to beat the bitch that won first place in the last competition Bella was in. The winner of this class was a younger puppy that I do not know.

Overall, Bella did wonderful considering this is only her 2nd show. I think as she gets older and has more experience in the ring, she will be a champion!

Congratulations Bella! We are so proud of you! Also, Happy 8 month year old birthday today!!!
Bella is the one being handled by the woman in the green suit