Last night we went to our normal Wednesday night handling class. It was the usual drill of gaiting and stacking the dogs. Once again, I worked with Jazz first and then Bella. Jazz was wonderful, as usual. I really think he enjoys being there and getting all the one-on-one attention.

Bella was not too interested in stacking…she wanted to look around at all the other dogs so it was a bit difficult to get her stacked properly. I got a few pointers from Penny which helped. Bella did semi-okay in the ring as well. Her first run was good. I felt like we were making some progress. We then had to run her in a circle and that is when she kind of freaked. She started out well, but she started to pull and stop (and sit) during her gait in the circle. We noticed that she was doing this in the same spot every time we went around. Penny wanted me to run in the opposite direction and Bella didn’t pull or stop in her gait. We determined that Bella was getting freaked out about something she saw in the mirrors. We are not quite sure what, but we think that is why she was pulling and stopping mid-gait.

It was getting close to the end of the class and we were running the dogs in groups. Bella was pretty much “done” by that time. I tried gaiting her around in the circle and she would gait for a while and then sit and stop. I tried to keep running and pulling her to gait, but Bella had nothing more to do with it. So, needless to say, we stopped. I took her outside to go potty and practiced alone with her in the parking lot for a bit. She seemed to do well outside. I think Bella was just tired of being in class with all the dogs. I think all the commotion and activity was getting too much for her. I think she was on overload.

Bella has a show this weekend in Albany. Penny will show her in the ring (good luck Penny!). I have confidence that Bella will do fine with her since Penny does this for a living.

Tomorrow we will need to bathe Bella and “towel” her so her coat is smooth for the show. I am excited to see her in the ring. This will be Bruce and my first time to see her “live” since we were out of town the last time she showed.

Wish us luck this weekend! We will keep you posted on her big day!