Ok…so I’m far from being perfect, but I know that the practicing that Bella and I have done over the last week has paid off.

This Wednesday, we took Bella to her handling class (my second attempt to handling her). We took Jazz and Katie (Kelly’s dogs) with us to give me a chance to work with Jazz (who is seasoned in being gaited) first before I got Bella into the ring. Jazz was wonderful to work with and made me look like a pro!!! (Although when it came to stacking him, I soon found out that there is a LOT of things I don’t know about stacking!! But fortunately, Penny the trainer, was once again very patient with me and gave me wonderful instructions/tips on what I need to do)

So next we get Bella into the ring to gait. I was a bit nervous based on how she performed last week. But she did very well and did not pull or jump with me. I stacked her and still was a bit rusty on getting her perfect. I continued to gait her in the class and she continued to do very well. The only time she pulled was when we were running them in the ring in a circle with the other dogs. I am not sure if this gets her excited or nervous, but she did pull a couple of times. And maybe it was because it was towards the end of the class and she was getting tired.

At any rate, I came back from the class with some good pointers and tips. Now its back to the drawing board to practice with Bella at home.

Practice, practice, practice. And hopefully, one day, be perfect!