This last weekend we had some pretty good weather so we decided on Sunday that we would take the dogs to the dog park to get them some exercise. So Bruce, Kelly and I went and took our dogs (Bella, Domino, Jazz and Katie) to our local dog park.

The dogs had a wonderful time checking out other dogs (big and small) and running amok through the open fields.

So Kelly, Bruce and I are standing on a small hill watching the dogs do their thing enjoying the partly cloudy day and fresh air. Then all of a sudden out of no where, Bella and Jazz are running full throttle towards me. The next thing I knew I felt an excruciating pain in my right knee and then I was flat on my butt on the ground. All I could think of was, “oh no, not again…not my right knee too!” Needless to say, I sat on the ground for quite a while until the pain subsided a bit. I didn’t want to jump up just in case there was some major damage to my knee. Well, it took at least a minimum of a half hour before the throbbing in my knee was manageable. I stood up slowly, and luckily I was able to move and bend it, though painful and sore.

That evening, I iced my knee and hobbled to bed. The next day (which was yesterday) my knee was quite sore, but I was able to walk with a limp. Today, my knee is much better, although still a bit sore. At least I do not have to walk with a limp.

Anyway, what a scare it was for all of us. That’s all I needed was another repeat of what happened to my knee last year. I WAS NOT looking forward to spending the next few months hobbling around with a knee brace and have any surgery. I was very lucky!

So, lesson learned….BEWARE of 30 lb dogs running frantically around in a dog park! Better yet, beware of ANY dog running amok in a dog park!
Bella, Jazz (buried between the two), and Domino (look closely now!)
Bella, Domino and Katie