We took Bella back to handling class this week. She hasn’t been to class since her last dog show which was in January. We want to get her back into the groove for a possible showing at the dog show in Albany, OR in March.

Bella didn’t do her best at class, but I think she forgot a lot of what she learned, and me being a “bad mom”, has not practiced with her on her stack or her gait. (Shame on me!) So we can’t blame poor little Bella…she just wanted to play with the other dogs. There was so much going on!!!

So starting next week, I will be handling Bella in class rather than Kelly. This will give me an opportunity to learn how to gait and stack her, hence practice with her at home so she doesn’t forget between classes. And she may listen to me better than Kelly since I am technically Bella’s mommy and Kelly is the “fun auntie”! We will see if that is a true statement!!

So keep posted and I’ll let you know how I fare in class and if Bella truly listens to her mommy!