Ok….I need to vent! Tis the time of year to renew my auto license for the Maxima.

So I get the renewal notification from the Department of Licensing reminding me that I need to renew my tags and that the car also needs to have it’s emissions checked.

I proceed to read the notification and see that the total fees have increased from last year. They give me a break out of the fees. The break out of fees are as follows:

$3.00 Filing fee; $30.00 license fee; $10.00 weight based fee; $.75 license service fee; $20.00 replacement plate fee and $4.00 plate reflectorization fee, totaling to $67.75. In addition, they state that if you want to continue to keep your old license plate number, an addition $20.00 is required. This now brings the total to $87.75.

Keep in mind, this does not include the cost of getting your car emissioned. The cost for this test is $15.00.

So in total, it is going to cost me $102.75 to get my 2001 Nissan Maxima re-tagged for the year!!!

This is just ridiculous!!! I think last year I paid about $60 to get the Maxima re-tagged and that included the emission testing. And I can’t believe that they want you to pay $20 to keep your license plate number! What is that all about? Talk about nickel and dunning the consumer to death!!!

I am not sure what it costs drivers in other states to renew their auto license, but hopefully they aren’t trying to stick it to the consumers like the State of Washington is!