Sorry about keeping you all waiting for the good news about Bella. I was out of town and did not have much access to my computer, hence did not do a lot of blogging.

Now that I am back, I can share the good news about Bella! Yeah!!!!

On January 19, 2008, Bella entered the Rose City Classic dog show in Portland, OR. She entered the 6-9 month old puppy category. This was her first dog show so we were all anxious to see how she would do.

After much primping, prepping and training, Bella came in 2nd place!!! The bitch that won first place was about 3 weeks older than Bella so her maturity helped her in winning the competition. However, this is not to say that Bella was not a hit. The judge really liked Bella’s temperament in the ring. Bella was so excited and happy to be there that her gait in the ring was something to see! She was wagging her tail SOOOO hard that her tiny hiny was swinging back and forth making her gait quite animated!

We are quite proud of Bella and her accomplishment! We will continue to train her and enter her into more competitions. I believe the next semi-local event that we will enter her into will be in March. We will continue to keep you posted.

I think as she gets older and matures and with some additional handling classes, Bella will soon be on her way to stardom! (just like her brother Domino!)

I have included a couple of pictures (before and after) of her getting ready for the show and when she was at the show. Enjoy!