Last night was Bella’s weekly handling class. This is her last class before this weekend’s dog show in Portland, OR. She did okay last night but she has had better evenings. I am not sure what got into her last night, but she was a bit distracted and wasn’t really “into” being in the ring.

I have to keep reminding myself that she is just a puppy and it is her first time being in the ring. I know that she will continue to get better as she gets more experience under her. I also have to remember that when Domino started showing, he was a lot older than Bella (I believe he was 2 years old).

Anyway, I think this show will be good for her. I am sure that she will have lots of fun! I wish that Bruce and I could be there for her first show, but we will be out of town. But maybe that is a good thing! We would have to hide from her anyway! I remember having to do that with Domino when he was in the ring because if he caught sight of us, his concentration would go to hell in a hand basket! What memories!!!

I tried getting pictures of Bella last night with Debbie, but the only ones that turned out were the still shots. The ones in the ring were too blurry.

Oh well, I am sure there will be plenty others!

Good luck Bella on Saturday! Mommy and Daddy will be thinking of you!