My grandma is probably one of the most amazing people in the world I know. This year she turned 96 years old in July (Bruce and I got married on her birthday) and seems to be going strong.

Just recently, however; she has hit some difficult times with her health. She had some gall stones removed a month or so ago which had us all holding our breath on whether or not she was going to make it. The doctor didn’t opt to conduct the standard invasive surgery due to her age and weak heart. Instead they opted for a less invasive method. Even then, this was a lot for her to take. For a while it was hit and miss on whether she was going to pull through. She wasn’t eating or taking in fluids and we had to put her back in the hospital. My dad and my aunt moved her from her apartment to an assisted living complex where she can have more care from caretakers. She eventually got stronger and was able to move to her new place.

We all thought she was doing well until she took a nasty fall and broke her nose. She was put back in the hospital for observation. Once back in her living quarters, she took a turn for the worse. She was not eating or taking fluids again. We all thought it was a matter of time before it was time for her to go. But if you know my Grandma, she has a mind and will of her own! I just received an email from one of my aunts and said that Grandma has done a total 360 and is eating well, laughing, participating in activities (even won a round of Bingo) and is generally in good spirits!!! We are all so very happy that she is doing so well!

My grandmother came over to the U.S. from Japan and married my grandfather in an arranged marriage. She had 6 children and raised them on a farm. She birthed two of her children at home alone while my grandfather was working. Every one of her children speak Japanese fluently.

She grew up during the Depression and taught us how to be conservative and resourceful with what we have. She taught us to be thankful for what we have as well as how to work hard for what we want/need.

She is as stubborn as a mule, determined to no end and is strong mentally and physically than anything you can imagine. Her health is good considering her age. Outside of a weak heart and a bit of dementia now and then, she still knows how to live life.

I am not sure how much time she has left on this earth, but I am sure that whatever time she has left, she will live it with zest!

Grandma, even though I do not see you often nor do we get to speak often, you are always in my heart and mind. Please stay well. You are an amazing lady. 🙂

CORRECTION:  I mentioned above that Grandma birthed 2 kids at home, when it actually was 5.  The only  one born in the hospital was my dad.