Having a puppy is a lot like having a baby around. We get to experience the joys of their milestones as well as their reaction to what life has to offer.

A great example of this was an event that happened this morning. With all the rain that we have been having here in the northwest, we have had a lot of earthworms popping up in the yard. This morning was no exception. On Bella’s way out to go potty, she saw for her first time, an earthworm on the deck. It was in between the cracks in the deck so when she sniffed the worm, the worm crawled up on the deck and curled up in a ball. Well, you should have seen Bella jump! She kept sniffing and jumping as well as play bowing to the worm. Poor worm…I think it was in distress! Luckily for the worm, it did not get eaten up or mangled! Bella was having fun sniffing and jumping around with it, but soon got bored with the worm and wanted to come inside the house. That old worm just wasn’t playing like she wanted it to!!! 😉

I decided to nickname Bella Dora the Explorer because she is such a curious puppy. She doesn’t ever want to come in from outside as there are so many smells and activities going on. It’s pretty wet and soggy right now in the yard so she does not stay out too long. It is going to be very interesting come spring time when the plants start growing, the bees and bugs are out and the birds start chirping. All I got to say is “watch out world”…Dora the Explorer will be out in full force!!! 🙂

If you look hard enough you can see the worm.