Prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, Erin’s VB team had their Awards Banquet. Erin was voted “Most Improved” by her teammates.

Her coach also gave out individual team awards based on various cartoon characters. Erin was compared to Dot of the Animaniacs. The caption that reads in her award states:

“The cartoon ‘Animaniacs’ has been around for decades, but the silly trio of siblings is known for their goofy, silly, and sometimes troublesome behavior. Dot is the (only) sister and is arguable the smartest, cutest, and most overtly aggressive of the three. While she keeps her brothers (Yakko and Wakko) in the midst of adventure, she is truly a leader. Erin’s teammates describe her as the comedian-always laughing, but also very witty. She has proven her aggressive side on the court as she will embrace any position or situation asked of her.”

Congratulations Erin for doing such a great job this year in volleyball! You are truly a winner!!! 🙂