Last night was Bella’s last night for attending puppy kindergarten. And boy, did she go out in style! 😉

We did very well with her commands. We even had to switch dogs with different owners and Bella followed everyones commands very well. Her play time was good. She was paired up with a Leonberger puppy. I think her size/weight was a bit intimidating to Bella.  Next was our settle down time. She did very well with the other owners, but by the time Bella got to me she was ready to go and play. She was having a hard time transitioning from play time to down time. In true form, Bella threw her temper tantrum, but I had the upper hand and eventually Bella calmed down.

Even though this is her last class, we will continue to work with her on her commands and also incorporate some newer ones. We are still working on “stay” and “come”. And of course, we will absolutely continue on working on her “settle”.

I am sure the other attendees will miss Bella and her “playfulness”. 😉

The class won’t be the same without her!!!