Bella and I went to class last night. There were lot of new puppies attending last nights class as well of some of her favorite friends (a couple of King Cavaliers).

We went through the normal routine of the basics (sit, down, stand, touch, acknowledgment of name, etc.) We added the command “release” or “go free” or “ok”. We had the puppies sit for a short period of time and then releasing them from the sit position on command. Bella has semi-mastered this already with sit and stay and then come. We have practiced this at home with her big brother Domino. We still need practice but she has the general idea. She is still quite young and doesn’t have the attention span to stay for long periods of time. We are also working on “leave it” at home.

We did free play. She was paired with Pixel again. (Pixel grew over the last 2 weeks and now towers over Bella). Pixel and Bella were lukewarm with each other. Neither one was in a real playful mood. Toward the end, Pixel had her fill with Bella and snarfed at her. We ended playtime and resumed class.

The next activity was down time. This is where we sit in a circle and pass each others dog around to one another to get them used to other people as well as to get them to sit calmly with others. If you recall the last class Bella attended Bella was not the best “student”. However, this time, I can proudly say that she has improved TREMENDOUSLY! She wasn’t 100% calm, but calm enough to be held. Even the other dog owners commented on how well behaved she was during this activity! It’s amazing how much a dog develops in 2 weeks!

We are so very proud of Bella! She is coming along just wonderfully with her training. She still has her moments, but what puppy doesn’t?

Next week will be her last week in puppy kindergarten. I am not sure if we are going to continue with more classes (the next class level would be Beginners). Since we are going to be showing Bella, she does need to go to Conformance class. Kelly will be the person who will attend the class with Bella. Not sure when this will happen, but I will keep you posted.