I have a pretty busy week ahead of me. We are babysitting 2 additional dogs this week for some friends while they vacation in Vancouver, B.C. celebrating their anniversary. (Congrats Kelly and Brian!) So we have 4 dogs in house. So far so good…all are behaving really well. Ask me how I am doing at the end of the week! 😉

Also this week my son has his first concert of the year (tomorrow night) and Erin has her 2 scheduled VB games this week. On Wednesday, Bella attends her first Puppy Kindergarten class! She will be attending Dog Days Northwest. We are very excited for her! It should be entertaining!

Good news this weekend! Brandon got his first college acceptance letter. He got accepted to Montana State University (my Alma Mater). We are still going to apply for several other colleges. This way he can pick and choose where he wants to go if he gets accepted to all of them. We are very happy for him! Let’s hope his other applications fare as well!

More news to come throughout the week…stay tuned….