I just got back about a 1/2 hour ago visiting with my friends/co-workers from my old job. I took Bella to show her off and introduce her to my friends.

Bella was a hit (of course)! 🙂

She was well behaved and was very social with everyone. I think she brought some stress relief to a lot of people there!

It’s amazing how animals are a conduit for bringing calmness and peace in people. I have always been a huge advocate of therapy dogs. I still envision myself with either Domino or Bella visiting local hospitals and nursing homes and bringing joy to those that need it most. This is still one of my goals to train up either dog and do this volunteer work. It brings me great joy watching these animals bring smiles and laughter to so many. Maybe one day soon!

So now we are back at the old homestead. Bella is fed and happy…..and BEAT! She is now napping! Greeting and meeting new people is hard work!!! 😉