Well, Bruce and I just got back Sunday from our annual DMB (Dave Matthews Band) concert at the Gorge Amphitheatre at George, WA. We left Friday morning (Aug 31, 2007) and returned on Sunday (Sept 2, 2007).

The concert on Friday was VERY good (it helped that we had pretty good seats and some pretty nice people sitting next to us). They played some newer songs (some off of Dave’s newest release with Tim Reynolds – Radio City CD/DVD) with a mix of some older ones. Their opening number was one of my all time favorites (Dreaming Tree) followed by When the World Ends. Some of the newer songs, which are also becoming my favorites are Cornbread, Eh Hee and A Dream So Real. They also played Stand Up with Robert Randolph (he is with their opening band – Robert Randolph and the Family Band). That was unbelievable!!! And of course we can’t forget their newest tour addition – Rashawn Ross who plays the trumpet. Regardless of what they played, the band just rocked! I never have heard them sound so good!

Saturday’s concert was good but not as good as Friday night in my opinion. Even though we had seats closer to the stage, our view was not that great and the people around us were a lot more rowdy. The band opened up with A Dream So Real. They played a lot of the same songs they played the previous night. Regardless, they still sounded good. They also played a few of my other favorites such as The Stone followed by Dancing Nancies and the Warehouse.

Bruce and I did not stay for the encore either nights as we were staying in Moses Lake which is about 25 miles from the venue. We just didn’t feel like fighting the crowds and spending an additional hour getting out of the venue and then another 10-15 minutes on the road getting back to the hotel. I know, call us OLD! 🙂

This year the band did not stay at the hotel in Moses Lake (where we stay). We heard rumor that Dave Matthews bought a ranch somewhere in Moses Lake. So we figured that is where all the band members were staying. So, unfortunately, we didn’t get to see them in person (as we have in the past years) and we couldn’t hang around like a bunch of groupies waiting for pictures and autographs. 😦

Oh well! The sacrifices we all have to make! (hehe).

So another year has come and gone. We always enjoy going to the concert(s) every year and hearing our favorite band. We’ll see what next year brings! Until then…..we LOVE you Dave! LOL!