Happy belated birthday Erin! I hope it was wonderful! As you know Bruce and I were off to see the Dave Matthew’s concert up in George, WA and we left the day of your birthday.

It’s hard to believe you are 14 and entering your first year in high school tomorrow! I still remember the day you were born. Before the doctor could announce your gender, I already saw a glimpse of you and exclaimed, “it’s a girl!!!”. From that day forward, you changed my life and have filled it with joy and happiness.

I know that as you grow and become an adult, you will succeed in anything that you do. From the day you were born, you showed signs of a winner. Although stubborn at times, (like when you pursed your lips together when I tried feeding you baby food – green bean flavor – smile) you were always determined and focused on what you wanted and set out to achieve just that. (do you remember learning to ride your bicycle all by yourself?)

Even to this day, you show those same characteristics. First you tried out for the dance team and did not make the team. Yet this did not prevent/deter you from trying something else. So, instead, you set out to try out for the volleyball team even though you did not have a lot of experience in the past with playing the game. You went into tryouts without knowing hardly anyone. You worked hard and stayed focused. In the end, all your hard work, determination and focus got you on the team.

With these characteristics and your bubbly personality (not to mention your good looks that you inherited from your mom – LOL — joking) I have no doubt in my mind you will achieve anything in life.

I hope you had a wonderful day Erin! You are my and will always be my little girl. đŸ™‚