Thank God It’s Friday!!!! I hope all you have a great weekend planned! For most, it is the last 2 weekends before school starts. I can’t believe that summer is almost over. 😦

My weekend will be full. Tomorrow is Bruce’s company picnic at Oaks Park (a local amusement park). We will be taking my son and our neighbor boy Gavin (Erin has volleyball practice and a car wash and Alyssa has previous commitments). It should be fun! A lot of food, activities and prizes are in store! Maybe this year Bruce will win a Aquos TV!!! Last year we made out big and won an XBox 360!!

On Sunday, Bruce, Kelly and I will be going to see the puppies. They will be 6 weeks old and are the beginnings of becoming little alligators!!! Kelly is going to give them all haircuts. I will be busy holding them and taking tons of pictures (hard job, but someone has to do it!!!) I’ll be sure to post some pictures and give everyone an update on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!